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  • All About Hairballs

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    If you own a cat, you know that your feline friend is an excellent self-groomer. That talent comes with a caveat: hairballs! It’s a part of life for just about every cat owner—the question is, do hairballs harm your cat, and can you do anything to minimize this unsightly occurrence? Read on to find out more about hairballs. What Causes Hairballs? When a cat grooms herself, tiny barbs on the tongue pick up hair from … Read More »

  • Catnip FAQ’s

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    If you’ve ever seen the reaction of a cat that has just been exposed to catnip, you know that there is something truly mysterious and amazing about this natural substance. But what do we really know about catnip – other than the fact that it seems to hypnotize and make cats act crazy? The following is a list from a Haleyville veterinarian of the most commonly asked questions from curious cat owners. What is catnip? … Read More »

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