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Parasites Are Bad in ‘Bama

Know who else loves the sunny south? Fleas, ticks and mosquitoes! Problem is, one of their favorite landing spots is your pet…and you, if they get close enough. These pests are more than just annoying: fleas can transmit tapeworm and cause hot spots and anemia, while ticks are well-known carriers of many diseases, including Lyme […]

Winter Dental Care Deals!

When it comes to your pet’s health, we can’t stress enough how important regular dental care is. Without it, your pet is likely to develop seriously gag-worthy breath and eventually, gum disease, infection, and tooth decay or loss, which can cause terrible pain. Bacteria from periodontal disease can even make its way to your pet’s […]

Keeping the Holidays Merry and Bright…and Safe!

The winter holidays are a joy for us humans, but our parties, decorations, and festive foods can pose serious risks for our pets. There are several safeguards you can put in place to keep your pets happy and healthy this season, including skipping the tinsel, particularly if you have cats – they’re attracted to shiny […]

Jake’s Take: Don’t Let Your Pet Get Sacked!

So the weather’s cooler, I’m sniffin’ woodsmoke in the air and oh boy—it’s football season (ROLL TIDE!!). That means you can just relax when it comes to giving your dog heartworm meds, right? WRONG! As in lifting-your-leg-on-the-coffee-table wrong. Snacking-on-dirty-underwear wrong. Here’s the deal straight from my dog-mom Dr. Bell: if the weather stays below 32 […]

Bugsy’s Bits: This Is Your Pet’s Best Shot!

Hey! What’s cookin’, good lookin’? If your pet doesn’t have shots, chances are they could be cookin’ up some claw-ful disease like parvo or lepto or distemper. Imma get right to the point: vaccinations are super important for pets, even those snooty ones that stay indoors all the time like some furry Cleo-catra. And we’re […]

Gobble Up These Thanksgiving Pet Safety Tips!

Don’t give in to persuasive purrs and puppy dog eyes this Thanksgiving! Many of the holiday treats we love can cause health problems for our pets if they eat them. Here are some tips to keep your pets safe this Thanksgiving: Careful with turkey & trimmings! Bits of lean meat are fine, but fatty skin, […]

Is Your Pet in Pain?

Maybe your pet is panting more than usual…or she doesn’t want to jump up on the cat tree…or he’s licking an area on his leg all the time. These symptoms are signs that your pet is in pain—and by the time you see those behaviors, there’s a good chance they’ve been uncomfortable for quite a […]

Dog (Breath) Days of Summer Dental Special!

We’ve all had that moment when our pet gives us a lick or pants in our face and…ewww…that smell! Most dogs and cats over three years of age have some symptoms of dental disease and it’s not just about bad breath: left untreated, a lack of dental care and cleanings can eventually result in gum inflammation, […]

BUGSY’S BITS: From Fleabag to Fabulous

Hey! My name’s Bugsy, and I don’t mind tellin’ ya that I believe in the whole nine lives thing for cats. Why? ‘Cuz I was just a kitten but already down a few lives when Dr. Bell found me on her property a while back. Don’t remember much about it, but someone musta dumped me […]

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