So what’s shakin’, bacon? If you have a cat, chances are you know your feline is pretty darn talented. We know when it’s 15 minutes before your alarm goes off. Nobody can unspool a whole roll of toilet paper as good as a cat. We’re like psychics ‘cuz we can tell just when you need a tail in your face. And ya know what we cats do best?


As in have babies. LOTS of ‘em. Did ya know we can get knocked up as early as 4 MONTHS OLD? That just ain’t right! And dang it all, there are more kittens than there are homes, so that means lots of us are gonna end up in that big cardboard box in the sky, if ya know what I’m sayin’.

Which is why ya gotta get your cat fixed. No furry butts about it—it’s the responsible thing to do. But spayin’ and neuterin’ also does some good things for your cat. My cat-mom Doc Bell says it can keep your cat from getting:

  • Mammary, uterine, and ovarian cancer
  • Pyometra—a serious uterine infection requiring surgery
  • Prostate trouble
  • Testicular cancer

Fixin’ your pet has some benefits for you, too. In addition to preventin’ kittens, it’ll also keep your pet from showerin’ your domicile with our own personal Axe Body Spray.

Doc Bell wants me to remind ya that we only use the highest quality anesthesia, our trained staff keeps tabs on your pet the whole time, and most importantly, we always give your pet good pain meds! Just so ya know, we do require pre-operative blood work so we know your pet can do the anesthesia thing with no problems.

If you have questions about spayin’ and neuterin’ or want to make an appointment, just give us a call at 205-486-4500. And remember: Please don’t litter—fix your critter!

Purrs & Kisses –



Bugsy is Dr. Bell’s country cat that she found near death while driving around on her property. Because she was saved, Bugsy has now decided to dedicate her remaining eight lives to educating people about how to care for their animal family members and tormenting Jake.