Hey! My name’s Bugsy, and I don’t mind tellin’ ya that I believe in the whole nine lives thing for cats. Why? ‘Cuz I was just a kitten but already down a few lives when Dr. Bell found me on her property a while back.

Don’t remember much about it, but someone musta dumped me in the country one day. There was nothin’ to eat or drink, and it was hotter outside than blue blazes. Scary, too. Bugs were everywhere and they started crawlin’ all over me. Some of ‘em bit me and no matter how hard I scratched, they wouldn’t come off. I started to feel really weak and I was so, so hungry.

Then I saw it—this big truck with a huge brown dog in it and two people came driving close to where I was crawlin’. I used the last of my strength to start havin’ a hissy fit as loud as I could, and SHE HEARD ME! The nice lady picked me up and soon I was inside, being fed and fussed over.

The water in my bath was full of little black bugs and she pulled off a bunch of these big puffy critters full of blood. They gave me a pill called Capstar to kill them little pests pronto, used some Milbemite for the nasty bugs in my ears, and then gave me some more medicine to exterminate the creepy-crawlies in my belly. I slept good for the first time in what seemed like fur-ever.

So here’s what I want to say: I was lucky. But if you have a kitty that you can’t keep, please take it to a shelter…don’t just dump it in the country. You may think we cats can fend for ourselves, but we’ve been your pets so long we depend on people now to get by.

Second, it’s important that you keep your cats on flea and tick stuff. I can tell ya that I was fixin’ to be dead and it wasn’t just from bein’ hungry. All those bugs (yeah, that’s how I got my name) were sucking the life outta me and making me really sick.

And third, get your flea and tick medication directly from Dr. Bell’s place. This is important cuz sometimes those internet stores you order from put the wrong stuff in the wrong box or don’t handle it right and the meds you get ain’t the meds you want. Hate to let the cat outta the bag, but you ain’t savin’ money if the stuff don’t work, right? Might even make your pet sick, so do it right the first time and just ring up the folks at Dr. Bell’s at 205-494-7113.

So that’s it for meow, cause there’s some stuff over on the counter that needs knocking off and of course, I gotta boss Jake around a bit too…

Purrs & Kisses,