Gardening Tips for Dog Parents

Do you want a garden, but find yourself hesitating out of concern that your dog will damage your plants? Fido has many wonderful traits and habits, but his gardening habits aren’t always very popular with his human pals. We can help! Read on as a Marion County, AL vet offers some tips on gardening with dogs.

Make A Doggy Pathway

Before planting anything, watch your canine pal’s natural behavior when he’s in the yard. Does your pooch run back and forth in a certain area? If so, incorporate Fido’s paths into your garden, and make him a little doggy highway.


Putting borders around your garden beds will help keep Fido from trampling your plants. You can use driftwood, large potted plants, a short fence, low stone or brick walls, or even thick border shrubs. Tip: if you use plants, choose thick, hardy ones and set them close together.


If your pooch has plenty of toys to play with when he’s outdoors, he may end up having so much fun with his playthings that he leaves the garden alone. Consider giving Fido a fun play zone, a sandbox, or even a doggy wading pool.


Consider sectioning off one part of the yard for Fido, and another for your gardens. Just be sure to take your pup for plenty of walks, so he can enjoy regular changes of scenery.

Box Gardens

Another option to consider is a box garden. You may be surprised at how much produce you can grow! Container gardens are also a good choice.


When planting your garden, put the most delicate plants in the center of the bed, and place the tougher, thicker plants on the outside. Fido may not want to bother shoving through thick vegetation to get to the middle of the plot.


Choose only plants that are safe for Fido. (Tip: you can check the ASPCA site for a full list of safe and unsafe plants.) For ground cover, you can try thyme, paving stones, or rounded pebbles. We don’t recommend using mulch. Cocoa mulch is particularly concerning, as it’s toxic, but other types are also dangerous, as they present a choking hazard and often harbor fleas.

Do you have questions or concerns about your pet’s health or care? Contact us, your local Marion County, AL animal clinic, anytime. We are here to help!

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