Acupuncture for Pets

Does your furry friend suffer from chronic pain, perhaps due to a medical condition, such as arthritis? If so, your beloved pet may benefit from alternative treatments, such as acupuncture. Acupuncture for pets is becoming more and more popular as people begin to realize how beneficial it can be for our animal companions. Read on as a Marion County, AL vet discusses acupuncture for pets.

Acupuncture Basics

As you may know, acupuncture is centered around the use of small, thin needles. These needles are inserted into specific points in your pet’s body, generally where nerve endings and blood vessels meet. While this may not sound pleasant at first, the treatment is actually painless. In fact, many pets seem to enjoy the process: some even fall asleep! Acupuncture for pets is essentially the same as acupuncture for people. Traditionally, acupuncture was thought to promote healing by redirecting the body’s internal energy flow. To describe the process from a more clinical perspective, acupuncture causes the body to release hormones that relieve pain by stimulating the circulatory and nervous systems.

What Pets Can Benefit

Acupuncture can help pets that suffer from a variety of ailments. For instance, it can help pets with painful muscle, bone, and joint problems, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, and degenerative disc disease. It can also be used to treat many other medical problems, including respiratory issues; neurological and gastrointestinal problems; skin problems; and other issues. Some people report seeing quite dramatic improvements in their furry friends. For instance, a senior dog with mobility issues may be able to move around more easily after treatments. Ask your vet for more information.

Benefits of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a non-invasive procedure, which does not use chemicals or surgery. It can be done in conjunction with other treatments. Side effects are extremely rare. There is no recovery time, though your furry pal may be a bit sleepier than usual after treatments. Another benefit of acupuncture is that the treatments can be repeated as often as necessary.


Acupuncture can help many of our four-legged friends, but it isn’t necessarily the best option for every medical issue. It often works best when used along with traditional veterinary medicine. If you think your pet may benefit from acupuncture, ask your vet for specific information.

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