Common Household Hazards – Is Your Pet in Danger?

One of the most important tasks we have as caring, responsible pet owners is keeping our animal companions safe and healthy, and protecting them from things that could potentially cause illness or injury. Unfortunately, as an experienced Haleyville vet, we’ve seen our fair share of cases where a pet became sick or hurt from a simple household hazard that their owner didn’t even realize was a problem. Here are a few such hazards for you to watch for in keeping your pet healthy and safe while in your care.

  • Plants – Most plants are harmless, but others can make your pet sick or even cause death if ingested. Check with your Haleyville vet for a list of all potentially hazardous plants to stay away from.
  • Sugar Substitutes – Some artificial sweeteners can wreak havoc on your pet’s body if ingested, so be sure to keep these safely stored away where your pet can’t get to them.
  • Macadamia Nuts – Even if your pet gets its paws on just a couple of these nuts, the results can be devastating. Keep them stored away safely, or better yet, stick to other types of snacks.
  • Hot Oils or Burning Candles – Besides the obvious risk of burn, these substances can also cause illness or injury to your pet’s mouth and body if consumed. Be particularly careful if you have a cat, as they climb and can more easily access these types of products.
  • Pennies – Some animals will pop anything they can get their paws on into their mouths. While any coin could pose a choking hazard to your pet, pennies in particular are dangerous because they contain zinc, which is toxic to animals.
  • Chocolate – This sweet treat may be delectable to us humans, but it can be deadly to animals. Different types of chocolates have different toxicity levels, so check with your Haleyville vet for specifics.
  • Medications – Keeping medication out of the reach of our pets is just as important as it is to keep it out of the reach of children. Ingesting meds can make your pet sick and in some cases it can even be fatal.

Just as new parents set about “baby-proofing” their home for their child, as responsible pet owners, it’s our job to also take the appropriate precautions to keep our animal companions safe from harm. Many things that we use every day can actually have deadly consequences if our pets ingest or are exposed to them.  By following these tips and working with your Haleyville vet, you can ensure that your pet remains safe, healthy and happy in your home.

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