Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Car

In today’s mobile society, it seems we’re on the go more and more with each passing year. What this means for pet owners is more frequent car rides with our furry companions. But just as with humans, there are certain safety precautions that should be taken into account to make sure that your pet remains safe and healthy while on the road. Let’s take a quick look at some tips and suggestions from an experienced Haleyville veterinarian.

Dangers Pets Pose to Drivers

It’s hard to imagine that your beloved pet could ever cause you harm, but the fact is that when they are sharing a vehicle with you, they inadvertently can. Animals that aren’t properly secured can pose hazards when they climb throughout the vehicle, distracting their driver and potentially causing an accident. Additionally, in the event of a collision or accident, an unsecured pet could be thrown and cause injury to itself and other passengers.

How Can You Protect Your Four-Legged Friend?

Avoid pets as front-seat passengers. As much as you love to let your pet curl up on your lap or have her sitting right beside you, doing so while you’re driving can be dangerous. Not only is it distracting, but your pet can actually physically interfere with your ability to drive safely by getting in the way of the steering wheel, climbing down to the pedals or blocking your view of the road.

Use a crate. Keep your pet (and you) safe by securing them within a crate. There are a number of options available, from soft-sided to hard, and they come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure the utmost safety and comfort of your pet. Your Haleyville veterinarian can suggest a good one for your particular pet.

Use a harness. The subject of pet vehicle safety isn’t a new one – in fact, a lot of new products have been developed to help loving pet owners keep their animal companions safe while in a car. One such product is a safety harness, which works similar to a seatbelt and keeps your pet strapped securely in the backseat. He or she can still enjoy the freedom to relax and look out the window, but will remain safe and secure in the event of an accident.

Mind the Windows – It’s no secret that dogs get utter joy from sticking their faces out the window and feeling the breeze of the passing air. Unfortunately, this is something that could pose a hazard to your pet. He or she could collide with an outside object, or even fall out of the moving vehicle, causing injury or even death.

We love our pets – and we love to bring them with us everywhere we go. These tips from your Haleyville veterinarian will help you keep your animal companions happy, healthy and safe during your travels.

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