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  • How to Stop Your Cat From Keeping You Up at Night

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    Does your kitty often wake you in the middle of the night? Fluffy may be adorable when she plays with her favorite toys, but her antics are probably not as cute when you’re trying to sleep. Below, you’ll learn a few tricks to help stop a nocturnal feline from keeping you up at night. Playtime Playing is good for your cat in many ways, both mentally and physically. Play sessions give your furball a chance … Read More »

  • Catnip FAQ’s

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    If you’ve ever seen the reaction of a cat that has just been exposed to catnip, you know that there is something truly mysterious and amazing about this natural substance. But what do we really know about catnip – other than the fact that it seems to hypnotize and make cats act crazy? The following is a list from a Haleyville veterinarian of the most commonly asked questions from curious cat owners. What is catnip? … Read More »

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